martes, 12 de mayo de 2009

The hidden unknown

Yesterday i saw him again...
Its like walking inside of an empthy tunnel... dark but at the same time you can see through it. Every step you take, it feels firm, no matter if is good or bad. You know where you are going to, and that it has an end. But it feels good. It feels great.

IT makes me wonder, but it doesnt make me have blurry thoughts.
It turns my head into an empthy box, and my sentences into a lane without an end.
The cul the sac that i have walked my heart into is trapped, is blocked.
However my body is called like chocolate to milk, like sand to the sea, like flowers to spring, like romeo to juliette... but i know it has an end.

It has no future... it has to end.

jueves, 12 de marzo de 2009

Un recuerdo

Lagrimas rebozan mis entrañas al no poder gritar lo que susurran mis sentimientos
Las heridas destrozan mi ser con cada gota que derrama el dolor que me traspasa
Mi espíritu no encuentra consuelo alguno al ver que todas las esperanzan me abandonan
Y si una brisa se asomase para ayudarme a respirar y despejar las torturas que pasillan en mis pensamientos sentiría un alivio.

Destrozaste la alegría que en mi sangre circulaba, En pedazos triturados se convirtieron mis anhelos
Y aquello que alguna vez palpitaba dentro de mí… ni la criatura más oscura (por estos predios podra escuchar murmullo que vivió en mi silencio.
Siento el sabor de la angustia que jamás hubiese podido imaginar, y las promesas que me hiciste me saben al amargo de la semilla podrida desvanecida entre tus pies.
Cada pincelada del pasado me persigue y en mis pensamientos, los colores cálidos que antes me arropaban ahora se han convertido en un eterno invierno.

miércoles, 11 de febrero de 2009

The forgotten

Grew up together, with my hand by your side
used to walk together and share more than thoughts
Our world full of colors, wonderful places to fly
Stories about our future and just finding ways to survive

Exploring our imagination traveled around the world
No fear, no tears, no sadness surrounded our friendship
It was something magic, such an exceptional bond
Our souls where not apart and we floated with only one touch

Nothing would make us fall apart we promised
We felt friendship belong to the eternity
But time destroyed the way we thought
At least the way you thought

Thinking about what u were to me
Hurts me today because that no longer exist
Waited so many days and nights for my phone to ring
Never thought that the end would come so soon

Fell apart, and so as time went by
Realized that u were not genuine and honest
and so that is how you broke my heart
My best friend is no longer my friend

And shall my thoughts remain in silent
and my feelings become part of this old spirit
may this bond remain in what must be forgotten
and our adventures erased for the eternity.


sábado, 13 de diciembre de 2008

Heartbeat fade

You said you'd be there 4 me
In times of trouble when I need you and I'm down
And like why do you need friendship
It's from???? the things that been changing
You have goals to achieve
But the road you take abroad and heartless that wants you make another way
You throw stones
Can't you see that I am human I am breathing
But you don't give a damn

Chorus Can't you feel my heart is beating
Can't you see the pain you're causing
Can't you feel my heart is beating
Can't you see the pain you're causing

Blood blood blood... keeps rushing

And now the world is asleep
How will you ever wake her up when she gets deep in the dreams, wishing
And yet so many die
And still we think that it is all about us
It's all about you
You sold your soul to the evil and the lust
And the passion and the money and you
And the same ones die, and people hunger for talking,
Suffer under civilized damn robbers but they stabled us

Chorus Can't you feel my heart is beating
Can't you see the pain you're causing
Can't you feel my heart is beating
Can't you see the pain you're causing

Blood blood blood... keeps rushing

Invaded, eliminated, erased, interrogated
Our tradition, our love for our fellow countrymen,
Our property, our ancestors - have died

Can you feel, can you feel my heart beating?

Chorus Can't you feel my heart is beating
Can't you see the pain you're causing
Can't you feel my heart is beating
Can't you see the pain you're causing

link :
that is the video.

My comment:
I love this song is bitter, is sour, is cool, i love the beat. It makes you feel the pain, it makes you feel the tears, it makes you think.. it makes you react, it makes you adicted to the beat, the song,
She thinks what i think, i love the lyrics.
You cant go against your nature. Protect what is yours. Dont go against it.

The singer is a girl half german half african is what i ahve heard :P
this is another link for more of her songs.

Hope u love it as much as i do.

sábado, 29 de noviembre de 2008

Long time, here is my lovely november

It has been way too long without allowing my fingers to share my thounghts. I was feeling so.... so...... gee... is hard to have a word for a mix of emotions.
I ll try to share some of my latest thoughts ....i ll try ... cause im a bit tired now :P it has been a VERY LONG day, a Long week and a long month, which ... about the last one im very happy about.
November ... my favorite month of the year.... i spend the entire year waiting for november.... for the breeze to collide into my hair, for the smell of fall into my nose. I love november, the colors, the sunny november, the cloudy november, the rainy november, the change of temperature, the change of everything.
November to me means only one thing: Redemption.... a new beggining, and the end of an old way of thinking. To me is the begging but is also the end. My year begins in November, not january... and it also ends in november, not december. Is about looking back and seeing what i ve done, is about looking forward and wishing the best to come. I get in love with the season, wich by the way doesnt exist here in santo domingo cause the entire year is almost the same weather, shiny shiny shiny rainy sunny. Anyways i love fall.... i can see the difference in the sun, the leaves, the temperature and the smell of the air. To me everything makes sense.
Beautifull sunsets, beautifull moons, beautifull new thoughts. I feel more productive in november...... i feel more open just to feel. Im in love with november :P just like that movie "sweet november". Definitely there is something about november that makes me close my eyes and just fly. I love you november, and thanks for everything of this year ;) I ll see you the next one..... with more stories to remember, more things to learn about and hopefully with a new perspective of life. Goodbye sweet november, you have given me lots of things.... i ll be looking forward for next year to come.
Goodbye beloved month.

sábado, 18 de octubre de 2008

Sweet Dreams

On another galaxy
near the orange moon
under the green sky
next to the blue tree
with the red flowers
near the yellow lake
the lost warrior flower
of the oasis in the desert
will be waiting for that who carries
the gift of God
to conquer the world
as an oath of God
we shall travel and explore
floating to the moon
during the eternal fall
avec les couleurs rouges
and the lovely sunsets
I ll be waiting for you.

jueves, 25 de septiembre de 2008

Moving ON

Wow! How difficult is to move on. Luggage, there is luggage EVERYWHERE!!! Building a life is not easy, letting go is the most complicated thing ever. No matter where you turn, there is always a memory. It comes by to slap you in the face and tell you: Things never turned on the way you planned them! Is like life is mocking you. But don’t worry even though; I must tell you: MEMORIES will never(NEVER,EVER) go away; the easiest process to move on is just learning how to let go and not to care, is almost impossible to make the first step and go after whatever is waiting for you now. It takes a while(it seems forever) for you to realize you have to forget about the memories, the past, whatever hurt you, or whatever didn’t turn on the way you planned, because no matter how many back up plans you have, the only one that mattered was plan A, so… Just move on. Is not easy, but if you do not, then you won’t make new memories, and you won’t have more Plan A’s. So go ahead, stop planning, and begin living.