martes, 12 de mayo de 2009

The hidden unknown

Yesterday i saw him again...
Its like walking inside of an empthy tunnel... dark but at the same time you can see through it. Every step you take, it feels firm, no matter if is good or bad. You know where you are going to, and that it has an end. But it feels good. It feels great.

IT makes me wonder, but it doesnt make me have blurry thoughts.
It turns my head into an empthy box, and my sentences into a lane without an end.
The cul the sac that i have walked my heart into is trapped, is blocked.
However my body is called like chocolate to milk, like sand to the sea, like flowers to spring, like romeo to juliette... but i know it has an end.

It has no future... it has to end.

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Fernando dijo...

tu ere emocional si:P